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Adventures in Historic Kyoto You Cannot Miss (Even if You’re in a Hurry)

Historic Kyoto for the ones in a hurry - a quick guide

When I left Kyoto for the first time, I was not too thrilled by the city. I had expected more. Sure, that could be due to the fact that I had skipped on research and relied on the tourist information, which in Japan are not the greatest. When I wen to the counter and declared […]


How to See the Best of Hiroshima and Miyajiama in one Day | Sponsored

How to See the Best of Hiroshima and Miyajiama in one Day

My lovely travel brainsters, you wanted Hiroshima, you got Hiroshima. On a very rainy day, I packed myself into my uber stylish raincoat, packed my bento for the Shinkansen and zoomed over to the other end of Japan. Nothing too far for you. Having arrived there I was with no clue as how to see […]


These Famous Japanese Castles You Mustn’t Miss | Sponsored

Castles strewn all over Europe have always captured my interest and it was just a natural extension for me to immediately hunt down famous Japanese castles the first chance I got to. Australia and New Zealand didn’t have any to show for (no, I’m not counting you, Dunedin). Matsumoto was the first on my list […]


How to Make an Okonomiyaki Hiroshima-style

[gb:]Today I have a very special treat for you! The all-time classic Japanese dish that isn’t sushi but still amazing (plus, I am still not a big fan of sushi). Everyone who has watched Ranma ½ will be familiar with this dish that requires the expert handling of two kotes, spatulas, making it indeed look […]