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The Top 5 Seoul Districts You Need To Visit – Take the Test

The Top 5 Seoul Districts You Need To Visit

I am trying something new today. Instead of writing about all the hip Seoul districts, which you can find in any good tourist brochure or guidebook (such as mine for hikers and day strollers) I am helping to let you figure out where you should be heading to first! Especially if you only have a […]


#TravelBrainster: Sabine in Wonderland Japan

As you all know, I am currently back in Japan, checking out new places for you and along the way I am meeting lovely people. This way, I met Sabine from Germany and she, like me, fell in love with the weird and wonderful country that is Japan. She now shares her passion for this […]


Where to Find the Coolest Travellers in Seoul – [email protected]’s Traveler’s Lounge // Sponsored

Where to Find the Coolest Travellers in Seoul - Is@k's Traveler's Lounge // Sponsored

I changed hostels quite a bit while I stayed in Seoul for three weeks and one hostel I really liked. So I asked if I could feature it on the blog in exchange for a few night’s stay. After all, I met the most amazing people and those have come back again and again, staying […]


Your Must Try Seoul Hikes in Three Day Trips

Seoul has a lot to offer but every now and then I have this fierce craving of heading out into the woods. I want to be far away from the hustle and bustle of the restless city life, away from neon lights and traffic jams, no subways or buses to carry you but your own […]