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How to Get into the Xmas Spirit when You Celebrate Christmas Abroad

Coming from a temperate climate, I am used to cold winters and the rare white Christmas. To get into the Xmas spirit, I need to immerse myself in festive decorations, constant exposure to Christmas music, visits to Christmas markets and – of course – chilly weather (and hopefully snow). Too bad the latter cannot be […]


Unique Travel Journals to Kickstart Your Adventures

Unique Travel Journals to Kick Start Your Adventures

Reading about the best travel books is one thing, but writing your own story an entirely different one. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown novel. But simply capturing your personal travel experience makes such a difference. Be honest, how many details of your last trip, let alone those from five years ago, can you […]


How to Keep Your Memories Forever without Taking a Single Photo

Some people just love photography – I am one of them. Just drop me off me in any place with a fully charged camera and you can be sure that I am pretty well entertained and will rise with an SD card full of photos after only a couple of hours. I am serious! But […]