Aren’t We all a Little Crazy? – The Strange, Silly and Lovely from You (and Me)!

Ok, the other day two Dutch guys had a discussion on my instagram wall, trying to estimate how crazy I was. Not sure how I am to take that but it is certainly no secret that I don’t allow life to be boring and with creepy things happening to me (no, I didn’t ask for this to happen) and trouble following me along my travels, crazy is just something I hear a lot. But I thought to investigate. And I found pretty interesting and entertaining stuff.


My Findings on Your Findings

So, how do people actually stumble on Travel on the Brain? Sure, I post a lot, comment, am on all kinds of social paltforms to answer your questions, spread the travel cheer and inspire you to chase your dreams (hopefully!) but some people come to me by accident. And with what they are typing, finding me might really seem like an accident. These are the best gems of key words that lead to me so far:

  • “how to keep you hair from getting overly greedy while camping” – referring to my ultimate Australian camping tips.
  • “why do we get a shock when someone creeps up” – this must be on me haunting Christchurch at night
  • “otaku day plaza“ – I would like to know where that is. Maybe Tokyo?
  • “Im doing some things i never thought i’d do” – I don’t actually want to know what this person was referring to, but it lead to my crazy list of things I have done.
  • “brain of australian animals” – In know some facts about Australian animals. Did you know that koalas have super tiny brains compared to their body mass and are kinda stupid? True story.
  • “how did the stuart highway get its name of new zealand” – How did it when it was named after Mr Stuart who explored Australia, not New Zealand?
  • “content” – That’s what I provide. ‘Nuff said.
  • “lamingtons dies” – No!!! Someone protect the lamingtons. I made them particularly for you!
  • “how to ask for non spicy food in korean” – Man, that’s a good question! I should have learned that! But asking in hostels as well as Korean friends is a good start and I was successful finding non spicy food.
  • “imagine a burning flame in the middle of brain” – my all-time favourite. I imagine it is not too far fetched since travel passion burns like a flame. Anyone with me?
  • You Loved This!

    Now that we know the crazy thoughts you are having and connecting with crazy old me, let us venture forth to my go-to social platform for my live thought streams and story recaps: Twitter. Even here, one of the strangest conversations I have ever had became super popular. It was about winged unicorns. Are they a pegasus, do unicorns sparkle? Am I mermaid? (And I know stuff abou fairies and elves, too!) Who knows. But now YOU know I am the master at elaborate crazy talk. And then this happened:


    Or I am trying weirdly coloured ice cream or chocolate:

    Or chilling out at bus stops:
    bus stop

    Ok, this was all a little random. I know. But that’s why you are here, aren’t you? I am not one to just blab about Top 10 Places to see in X or sharing my latest cool recipe I found throughout my travels. I do it all! I hope you will never be bored and if you do, just browse the website or send me a tweet. I can definitely help you out.

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