15 Questions Travel Bloggers Hate with a Passion

Travel bloggers seem to be a kind of enigma. That doesn’t mean you can start an interrogation. Here are 15 questions travel bloggers absolutely cannot hear anymore because they get asked every single day. Trust me, it would annoy you, too.

1. Are you running away from something?

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I follow my heart where it leads me. Settling down in one country is not my cuppa tea.

2. You are so lucky

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If you count working hard as lucky, then yeah. Regular blog posts and sponsored trips don’t fall out of the sky.

3. It must be nice sitting on the beach all day.


Oh, and I am only living off sunshine and coconuts. No money or work required.

4. Where are you from?


It’s the groundhog day conversation of hostel dwellers.

5. How do you manage to pack all your things?

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By not packing ALL of my things. And rolling. Aways roll your clothes when you pack for your travels.

6. You must be rich


I would be if I got a dollar for every time I heard this assumption. But I know 90 ways to save money for travels.

7. Your parents must be rich


I would be a billionaire if this question got me another dollar every time.

8. But the world is so dangerous


Did you see the statistics on how many accidents occur at home? Now you tell me to stay inside again. Oh, and people are more scared of you than you of them (unless you are me, then weird people flock to you).

9. Aren’t you lonely?


Sometimes, just like everybody else. But then I realise I am in pretty good company and can just hang out with locals or other people I met along the way.

10. When will you get a real job?


When will you define what ‘real’ means?

11. I wish I was that brave.


Don’t think about it, just do it. Dreams don’t wait around for you to happen.

12. You need to grow up and take on responsibility.

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I think juggling an itinerary spanning several countries, different means of transportation, legal entry requirements and cultural navigation is pretty grown up already.

13. How much money do you make?


How much do YOU make? Let’s just compare salary slips right now because apparently that’s the normal procedure upon meeting someone new.

14. I wish I was on holiday all the time.

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Me, too. But then there’s such a thing as working for your money.

15. So, what does a travel blogger do?


We travel and blog about it. In particular, we enjoy taking photos of our exotic food and foot selfies on the beach. Then we work on blog posts, write to tour companies, pitch articles, do freelancing and so much more.

15 questions travel bloggers hate with a passion

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It had to happen, after ditching the 9-5 for a prolonged break, Annemarie's wokaholic tendencies led her to start a daily blog about her adventures. Realising how much travel has helped rebuild her confidence and and general #GirlBoss-iness, Travel on the Brain released a book about her adventures in Down Under and New Zealand and creates quirky video series focusing on story telling in destinations around the globe.
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  1. hahahhaa, perfect!! so true!! I cannot stop laughing! :) I love this sarcasm :) You could not written this better :)

    1. Hi Nika, it’s great that you enjoy it so much. I had fun selecting the gifs and coming up with snarky comments. :)

  2. Reply

    Love this – I hear number one ALL THE TIME!

    Also, I often hear people saying ‘so what do you do?’ – I travel. No no, WHAT do you do?

    I travel, and write about it.

    Great post Anne-marie!

    1. Hi Abbi, yeah this is a weird question. Not sure what they expect. To some I even have to explain what a blogger is. Basically I should travel with a business plan and present it to people.

  3. Reply

    Excellent use of GIFs, first of all! Secondly, way to respond to some of these stupid questions you, unfortunately, get all the time. Lastly, keep doing what you’re doing. Look forward to reading more. Awesome stuff!

    1. Thank you so much! What kind of questions do you usually get? Are they similar?

  4. Reply

    LOL great post! Your responses are gold.

    1. Haha, thank you, dear. :*

  5. Reply

    No 9!

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